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About Sky Spa

We offer Aromatherapy Massage in Vashi, Thai Massage in Vashi, Balinese Massage in Vashi, Traditional Chinese Massage in Vashi, Full Body Massage in Vashi, Body Massage in Vashi, B2B Massage in Vashi

At Sky Spa & Massage Vashi, we aim for individuals to DO MORE by overcoming short obstacles that modern lifestyle pave for us. We aim for individuals to live HEALTHIER & LONGER like age old saints have done.

Massage formed an integral part of ancient old lifestyle and helped saints to live up to 120 years. At Sky Spa & Massage Vashi, we question the obvious and make our own therapies to overcome body pain. Grounded in b2b massage, sky spa therapies are custom modified to give therapeutic benefits suited to individual needs.

Combining the analytics benefit of contemporary science like bio feedback, body age etc massages, Sky Spa offers a comprehensive solutions for creative / preventive needs of individuals.

In addition to Full Body Massage, we also offer Thai massages in steam other than Ayurveda like Swedish massage, Aromatherapy and Balinese therapy etc.